Review of Belvedere Veterinary Center

A Comprehensive Veterinary Service Provider

Baltimore’s Full-Service Animal Hospital is a one-stop shop for primary care of pets. They offer a range of services which include wellness, dental care, surgery, and diagnostics. In addition to this, they also take care of travel documentation for people moving to different states, medical daycare, or hospitalization as well as overnight accommodation for pets. Their online pet store allows pet owners to buy quality pet care products with convenience. Started in 2011 by Dr. Elianne Amstalden, the clinic has an able team of practitioners, which also includes Dr. Jamie Molinelli and Dr. Brendan Moulder.

Belvedere Veterinary Center Baltimore

Addressing Primary Pet Care Needs

·      Wellness Services

This includes vaccinations, regular physical checks as well as weight management facilities to avoid obesity in pets. They also microchip your pets for identification purposes. As the nearest veterinary family clinic, you can expect your pet’s annual physical check exam to include a complete investigation of body, tail, head and cavities.

·      Dental Care

This consists of routine cleanings and regular dental checkups. They also perform oral surgery, extract teeth that are diseased and provide oral treatments.

·      Surgical Procedures

This includes routine spay and neuter. If your pet requires an internal operation that is more complex, it is ably handled by the team of vets at Belvedere Veterinary Centre.

·      Diagnostic Lab

The lab performs X-rays and ultrasounds which helps in early detection of disease or any other health ailment at the soonest.

Preventative Veterinary Health Care at BVC

·      Regular Health Exams

Health exams are meant to evaluate the pet’s internal and external health. The team at BVC look at vital signs like blood pressure, heart rate and pulse. Ear and eye checkups are administered. Blood tests are performed to detect any disease and monitor blood cell counts. For liver diseases and diabetes, urine tests are also available to detect systemic health issues. Worms and parasites are detected by analyzing the faeces of the pet.

Canine Health Exam
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·      Dental Checks

Dental checks start with anaesthesia to examine any buildup of plaque, cavity or periodontal disease. Pet tooth enamel is also polished to prevent food from sticking to the tooth. For dental decays, cavity fillings and tooth extractions are safely performed using anaesthesia to keep the pet calm.

·      Vaccinations

Vaccinations are the bedrock of pet care and are administered at BVC. They include both core and non-core vaccines for dogs and cats. For dogs, rabies, canine hepatitis and canine distemper based vaccines are given for protective healthcare. For cats, core vaccines are for rabies, feline herpes and panleukopenia for better health. Non-core vaccinations are given on the basis of the lifestyle of the dog or cat.

Based on the animal’s health and age, the team at BVC advises on check-up schedules. For the older pets which are a higher risk, 2 exams each year are advised. While for young kittens and puppies, multiple visits for vaccinations and wellness care are necessary.

Responsible Pet Ownership

BVC undertakes a lot of educational initiatives for educating pet owners. They have a blog, general information about pets, nutritional guidelines and newsletters for knowledge-sharing purposes. They also share resources for pet insurance companies, tie-ups with grieving pet owners and referrals with similar veterinary organizations dedicated to animal care.

Final Verdict

The Belvedere Veterinary Centre has great reviews on local directories. You will find a lot of positive reviews about the care and treatment received at this pet center. Their services are commendable and they have even accepted last-minute requests to accommodate pets. Also, the professional manner in which the clinic is run and how well pet owners are advised in non-medical terms about better pet care are praised by many of their customers.

Review of Maryland SPCA

The world is not meant for humans alone, but we act as if we’re the sole owners of the planet. With this kind of mindset, humans have been exploiting animals for centuries. The saving grace is that there still are people who respect and care for animals. Maryland SPCA is one such organization that has fought and continues to fight for the rights and well-being of animals. In this article, we will know more about Maryland SPCA. Let us start with their history. 

Background of the Organization

Maryland SPCA is not a new organization. It has been serving and caring for animals in Maryland since 1869. In the last 150 years, it has helped save thousands of animal lives. The organization was founded with one principle: “Every animal deserves to be treated with compassion and care.” The activities of the organization first got noticed during four years of the American Civil War when volunteers of the organization fought against the ill-treatment and abuse of workhorses. 

Service Areas

The Maryland SPCA provides essential services with the aim of making the lives of pets and their owners better. Let us look at the kind of services they are involved in.


Anyone interested in animal care can join their community classes. The courses are designed to teach humans from all walks of life to be able to treat animals with affection, respect, and compassion. To date, over 13,000 students have completed one or more of the programs on offer. More than 2,200 pet owners have been provided training and behavior consultations. Education at Maryland SPCA covers the following:

  • Behavioral Training – Certified experts help improve pet behavior.
  • Workforce Development – Skill training and animal welfare courses for people interested in interacting and working closely with dogs, cats, and other pets. 
  • Mental Health & Wellbeing – Propagate how pet ownership can help improve mental health and overall wellbeing of people. 

Humane Care

Maryland SPCA primarily provides safety to vulnerable dogs and cats. In addition, they connect people with pets through innovative and targeted techniques. Many studies have proved that people who are in touch with pets are less likely to fall into depression or have other mental health issues.

Veterinary Services

Pets need the same level of medical attention as we do. For the same reason, Maryland SPCA provides a broad range of veterinary services. You can schedule regular checkups of your pets to avoid diseases and illnesses. In 2018 alone, they delivered over 14,000 veterinary services. And in 2019, they conducted nearly 7,000 spay/neuter surgeries. The veterinary services include:

  • Spay/Neuter clinic: The clinic helps in animal birth control. The spay/neuter surgery is available for cats and dogs. The surgery is provided free of cost or at a reduced rate to people belonging to low-income groups. 
  • Shelter Medicine: Takes care of general examination, vaccination, and other such types of pet care services. 
  • Wellness clinic: Deals with animal health problems. Pet treatment and medication is available for curing and recovering from various types of illnesses.


Maryland SPCA has been providing lots of valuable services to save thousands of vulnerable animal lives. If you wish to contribute to the noble cause, you have the option to donate so that more lives can be saved. What stands out about Maryland SPCA is that the donations are used to provide free or reduced-price services to low-income pet owners.